Carbonaut Roadmap Overview

The Carbonaut Road Map is a living document that outlines the major features and improvements that we are working on. It is a work in progress and will be updated as we make progress. The Carbonaut GitHub Roadmap Project board (opens in a new tab) is the best place to see the current status of the project.

Upcoming Releases

Carbonaut v0.1

v0.1 is in-progress, expected release date: late Q2 2023

The first version focuses on the core features of the Carbonaut platform. It is a minimal viable product that will allow us to start collecting feedback from the community.

Main Features - Milestone 1

We integrate first with Kubernetes (opens in a new tab) and available tools (Scaphandre (opens in a new tab), Kepler (opens in a new tab)) since these technologies are also open source software which eases the integration and alignment. Building a first version of the Carbonaut data scheme and the metrics server.

  • Single Deployment Plugin Mechanism - enable loading and starting of plugins as a subprocess of the main Carbonaut connector process.
  • Metrics Server - Exposing metrics in open telemtry format ready to be consumed by prometheus. Following this guide (opens in a new tab).
  • Carbonaut Data Schema - Energy Metrics - The carbonaut data schema includes energy metrics.
  • Carbonaut Data Schema - IT Resource Metrics - The carbonaut data Schema includes metrics about the it resources configured.
  • Scaphandre Plugin - Plugin for the Scaphandre Project (opens in a new tab).
  • Documentation Website + Concepts - Documentation of the Carbonaut project with a clear vision, mission and architecture plan discussing core concepts and the way forward for the project.

Main Features - Milestone 2

The second version builds more core functionality into the Carbonaut connector, in particular the data mixer, and adds the ability for capturing carbon emission metrics. It will also include a new plugin for collecting energy data and calculating emissions based on your energy consumption (plugin tbd).

  • Data Mixer - Merge different metrics from plugins into a single stream to create higher quality metrics.
  • Extend carbonaut data scheme to include emission metrics - exposing emission metrics in open telemtry format.
  • Entsoe-e (opens in a new tab) energy metrics plugin
  • Emission Metrics Plugin - tbd
  • Kepler Plugin - Plugin for the Kepler Project (opens in a new tab).
  • Kubernetes Deployment Guide (single deployment) - Set by step deployment of Carbonaut to Kubernetes.
  • gRPC Multiplexing - Multiplexing of gRPC connections to improve connection to multiple plugins.

Carbonaut v0.2

v0.2 is in-conception, expected release date: early Q3 2023

The third version will focus on the user experience, maturity of the core concepts, and the integration with other tools.

Main Features

  • Multi Deployment Setup - carbonaut can be deployed in a multi instance setup with independent processes.
  • Kubernetes Deployment Guide (multi deployment) - Set by step deployment of Carbonaut to Kubernetes.
  • gRPC mTLS - gRPC connections between Carbonaut and the Plugins are secured with mTLS.
  • Authenticate gRPC - gRPC connections between Carbonaut and the Plugins are authenticated (see gRPC doc (opens in a new tab)).

Carbonaut v0.3

v0.3 is in-conception, expected release date: early Q4 2023

The fourth version will focus on integration with other cloud providers, especially GCP (possibly others too tbd).

Main Features

  • GCP Plugin - Plugin for the GCP cloud provider.
  • External Secrets - Secrets are managed by external tools (e.g. K8s, cloud providers).
  • tbd

Past Releases